Morning Dew Sweepers consists of all those who will have one of our puppies in the future, as well as all our friends and people that gives us their support and help.

However, the daily of Morning Dew Sweepers is made up of three people: my two daughters (Amanda and Adriana) and myself (Mariano Galán). My two daughters are still very young but their participation in Morning Dew Sweepers is one of the most important. They are the responsibles of playing with our Basset Hound, make all kinds of pranks and games, and join me on daily walks with our dogs, but in the future is likely that they will be taking other functions related to Morning Dew Sweepers.

Concerning me, the first thing that should be highlighted is my absolute ignorance about the canine world before the arrival of our first Basset Hound (Obélix). Over time, and after talking with expert breeders, judges and handlers and read many canine books, I realized that now I have some knowledge, but I also have much to learn.

Within the canine world, the principal milestones are the creation of, website dedicated to the Basset Hound breed, which has become the reference website about Basset Hound in Spanish language, along with Portal Basset Hound, and one of the most important websites about Basset Hound worldwide, because have thousands of users and tens of thousands post on its forum. According to the website statistics, the number of page views exceeds the ammount of 3 million and the number of visitors achieved in five years, is over 300,000.

Besides the website, my relationship with the Basset Hound has been reinforced when I entered to the Spanish Basset Hound Clob Board, first as Secretary of Breeding and Hunting, later as Secretary and finally as President since 2008.

Furthermore, in 2009, I managed to overcome the theoretical examination of Judge for Working Trials of the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE), which allowed me also to be recognized as Judge of Basic Disciplines.

In 2011 I overcame the examination for Open Show Judge of the Royal Society Canine of Spain, so I managed to cover the aspects of trail and morphology.

Similarly, over the years, I have participated as Ring Assistant in countless National and International Dog Shows, Open Shows and Specialties, which has allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge related to the dificult art of judging Dog Shows.

Concerning my membership in associations, right now I´m member of the Spanish Basset Hound Club, the Royal Canine Society of Spain and the Basset Hound Club of England.

I´m currently involved in the translation of some books related to the canine world and the Basset Hound and I´m writing two books about Basset Hound, one in collaboration with the great expert in trail and good friend of mine, Angel Martí (Arimarmes) and with the reputed Basset Hound breeders Alberto García and Elma Díaz (Olea Bull´s) and another dedicated to the Basset Hound standard.

Related to this publishing activity is added the wording of a great number of articles and papers in the magazines "Soy Todo Orejas" (Official Journal of the Spanish Basset Hound Club), "El Mundo del Perro", "El Perro en España" (official magazine of the Royal Canine Society of Spain) and whose content is available on this website.

From a personal standpoint, I have a Chemistry Master of Science from the "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid", and have also studied Materials Engineering MS at the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid". I have also completed my education with a Master in Environmental Infrastructures and Services Management in the "Escuela de Organización Industrial" and an Executive-MBA at EOI Busineess School, where also had the honor of being awarded with best student prize and the best project and best bussines plan in the group I formed with my good friends Borja, Miguel Ángel and Pedro.

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